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Solar Energy Services
Our Solar Energy Experts are always on-hand to help deliver long-term cost saving solutions and improve your business’s green credentials.

Quality solar solutions

Designs and installations are approved by the Clean Energy Council regulator. Performance guarantee honoured through 24-hour monitoring. Quality design with top-tier components. Dedicated after-sales service for maximum system performance.

Get a better
solar tariff

We partner with leading Australian retailers to secure a competitive solar plan for your business, handling all the legwork and paperwork. It only takes minutes to check and compare. Plus, we offer battery options with solar purchase.

Cashflow neutral or positive solar

We offer a range of flexible payment options and provide advice on government rebates and incentives. Choose a 'zero upfront cost option', financing the system and using savings from day one to pay for your solar system.

Why use Zembl?


Our offer guarantees zero risks, full obligation, and completely cost-free benefits

Expert guidance

We manage energy for over 40,000 Aussie businesses and households


We work with an experienced, local and long term leading solar provider

Ongoing support

Our solutions save costs and boost your business's green credentials
Do you qualify for business solar?
  • +$500 per month energy spend
  • Avail if Own or have lease with +4years remaining (landlord approval process managed)
  • Free standing dwelling with roof access
  • Roof space+150 square meters- no shading, no asbestos, structurally sound
  • Own connection and meter, no  embedded networks
  • Usage – need to have usage in daylight hours to get value from system
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Hear what these clients loved about our services
(4.7) based on 1477 reviews from productreview.com.au
Great service from Dominic Hall
I was very happy with the way Dominic dealt with my queries regarding comparisons for 4 different business accounts, and have now transferred or kept them in accordance with his recommendations.
Honest, easy and saves money
I have used make it cheaper which is now zembl for years. Love it. Always finds a better rate to save me money. I have recommended these guys for years. Will continue to use them to keep my bills down.
Really good service
Zembl's Commercial Energy Consultant, Rhys Gant was exceptional in his diligence in negotiating and obtaining a great result for our companies' energy contracts. He understood our particular energy issues, explained the factors influencing the future energy market and and consistently keep me updated on his progress.
General Manager
Very professional, helpful and easy
Dominic Hall was the best consultant to help our business in finding an electricity provider at a great rate. He did all the work clearly explained what to expect and was very professional, helpful and easy to converse with. :)
Easy-to-understand info
Very happy with the help Zembl have given me with price comparisons, in particular the easy-to-understand info that has been given by Charles Thornton. I will continue using them in the future.
Incredibly Helpful
Thank you to Jack & Zembl for keeping track of our energy contracts so that we don't have to! Having these guys take care of our contracts & rates and contact us when it is time for renewal so we never get slammed with unexpected bills

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