Meet Zembl
Zemblrs help businesses buy better, saving them time and improving their bottom line. Someone’s always here to help. Local experts who’ll pick up the phone, have a chat, and sort you out. Simple as that.
The worst thing about getting ripped off is you stop trusting people.

That’s why we started this business (in a shed) 13 years ago. Back then, Australian businesses didn't realise they could get help finding the right deal for their energy.

It took years of proving we were doing the right thing. Years of finding partners we could trust, years of helping businesses stay afloat and get ahead. It’s rewarding to see them still with us.

And when all the big businesses were going offshore or replacing people with bots for efficiencies, we added more people, locally. People we could trust and customers could count on.

Our clients kept asking us to do more than just Make It Cheaper. So we’ve expanded our offering and changed our name to Zembl - a modern way to improve your bottom line. And even though we have a new digital platform to simplify your admin (and moved out of the shed), we’re still real people solving real business problems, ensuring there’s still some people you can trust.
No Obligation
Our comparison service is free and you are under no obligation to take the offer we present to you.
Leading Aussie Suppliers
We work with leading Aussie suppliers so you can be sure we are finding you the most competitive deal.
Quick and Easy
It only takes a few minutes to get a free energy review. And we do all the legwork on the spot so you start saving, fast.
Save time
Forget wasting time searching multiple suppliers to compare their costs, we do all of this for you within one easy phone call.
Save money
3 out of 5 business we talk to save money on energy. On average, we save Aussie businesses $1,159 p.a.
4.7 Product Review
We’ve helped thousands of Aussie businesses across Australia save time and money on their energy bill.

Meet the Zemblrs

Jen Bell
Chief Executive Officer
Neal Hawkins
Chief Financial Officer
Morgan Biggar
Head of People & Culture
Jeremy Elliott
Co‑founder & Director of Operations
April McBride
Director of Sales & Partnerships
Danielle Gibson
Chief Marketing Officer
Austin Huntsdale
Chief Product Officer

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