How to make big business energy savings

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It’s common for business owners and leaders to become so busy working in the business, it’s a struggle to find time to work on the business. 

But working on the business is where the magic can happen. This strategic investment of time can be leveraged to help you explore new opportunities, find more efficient and better ways to operate, and ultimately optimise your operations to maximise profits and growth. 

One way we aim to help at Zembl is by engaging with businesses to help them analyse and review their energy usage, with a view to improving energy efficiency and reducing costs. As one of Australia's leading energy comparison services for businesses, we're dedicated to saving you time and money and making your life easier when it comes to energy bills.  

Whether you’re a small business with a small footprint or a larger multi-site operator with a number of premises to coordinate, we can help you identify cost and time savings beyond your energy rates and contract, with opportunities to negotiate on tariff changes, power factor correction and installing smart devices. 

Our experts have unrivalled knowledge in commercial and industrial power, which we leverage on your behalf to get competitive deals that suit your business.

How energy savings can help you achieve business goals

The process is simple and streamlined, and begins with a conversation where we ask a few strategic questions, to get an understanding of your current bills and energy needs. Our energy-saving experts will then analyse your business energy needs and compare deals from our panel of leading Australian retailers.

Here’s an example of a recent outcome we achieved for a client. We reached out to a childcare service (with multiple sites) in November 2021 to discuss reviewing their energy contract. At the time, they had 8 months remaining on their existing energy agreement.

However, since that contract had been signed, the energy market had become much more competitive. Many new offers had dropped, which provided the perfect opportunity to review their options. 

Zembl tendered the contract to several energy companies who were all eager to win the business. We reviewed five offers and negotiated a deal that amounted to 7% in energy savings, and $23,850 in savings. 

We took this offer back to the existing energy retailer the centre was currently contracted to. They agreed to not only match the offer, but exceed it, offering a saving of $39,671. Best of all, the customer didn’t have to wait eight months for those savings to kick in, as the retailer agreed to immediately provide price relief.

With another customer of ours, a well-known seafood restaurant in Sydney, we found an estimated annual saving of $3,544 (GST inc) on the electricity account, which was a 12.4% decrease in the bill size.

In addition to the electricity, we looked at the customer’s gas bill and found they have been on expensive default rates with their current retailer. After a quick review, we secured savings of 36%, resulting in $9138 (GST inc/exc) estimated savings for the year.

For these businesses, these five-figure savings can be redeployed towards other more impactful activities, such as launching new marketing campaigns to attract more business, or investing in staff training and refurbishments.  

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Since launching in 2009, Zembl has saved Australian households and businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy bills every week (around $1 million every month). To see how we can help you save time and money on your business energy bills, contact us today.

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