How to educate your staff to be energy efficient

Words by Zembl

One of the most effective, wallet-friendly, and efficient ways to reduce your business energy bill is through simply educating your staff. By empowering them with relevant knowledge, you can foster a culture of responsibility that not only reduces your businesses carbon footprint but also improves its bottom line.

To assist you on this journey to savings, we have put together an easy step-by-step list of actions you can begin to take.

Step 1: Cultivate energy awareness

The journey towards energy efficiency begins with awareness. It's crucial for your staff to understand why energy conservation matters. Therefore, consider organising an informational session to discuss the environmental impact of energy use and how it relates to your business operations.

As a carbon neutral business, when we do this at Zembl, we try to use compelling data and examples to highlight how energy efficiency can lead to substantial savings, whilst also contributing to both sustainability goals and potential pay rises for employees. Remember: the more your staff understand the 'why' behind energy efficiency, the more likely they are to commit to it.

Step 2: Develop a company energy policy

Once you have cultivated awareness within your business, the next step is to develop a clear cut and robust energy policy. This simple document should outline your company's commitment to energy conservation whilst providing clear guidelines on how to reduce energy consumption.

It should cover painless, practical measures that can be implemented by staff, such as turning off lights and equipment when not in use, opting for energy-efficient appliances, and setting computers to sleep mode when idle. Ensure that every employee has a clear copy of this policy and comprehends its content – even consider posting it on walls.

Step 3: Provide regular training and workshops

Education continues to exist as an ongoing process. To further instill energy-efficient habits among your staff, conduct regular training sessions and workshops. These could range anywhere from formal seminars on energy-efficient practices to classic informal lunch-and-learn sessions on the latest energy-saving technologies. The goal is to keep your staff updated on where the business is, as well as where it hopes to be, in turn cultivating a more interactive, informative environment.

Step 4: Make it fun – gamify it!

Energy efficiency is a collective effort that can be achieved by incentivising your staff to take an active and self-lead role in energy conservation. This could involve organising monthly challenges to see which department can save the most energy, in which you recognise and reward those who show exemplary commitment to energy conservation. This not only acts as a morale booster but also fosters a sense of ownership and pride among your staff – who doesn’t love a good competition?

Step 5: Lead by example

As the adage goes, actions speak much louder than words. As the boss and therefore the spearhead of your business’s values, you should clearly demonstrate your own commitment to energy efficiency. Whether it's diligently turning off your office lights or consistently using energy-saving modes on your computer, your actions will inspire your staff to do the same.

Step 6: Make it part of your culture

Finally, attempt to integrate energy efficiency into your company culture. This means weaving it into your core values and mission statement. When energy efficiency becomes a way of life in your organisation, your staff will naturally fold into energy-saving habits – saving you time and improving your bottom line.

How Zembl can help

Zembl may not be able to educate your staff for you, but we can save you money in other ways.

Our Energy Experts, holding over 13 years of experience, negotiate with a trusted panel of energy providers to find your business the best energy deal, saving you time and improving your bottom line.

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