The average small business energy bill in February 2024

Words by Zembl

Energy prices have been a wild ride over the last few years, influenced by everything from weather patterns to wars, renewable energy production, and good old supply & demand.

With the NEM (National Energy Market) showing such volatility, it’s never been so critical to stay up to date about what’s happening to energy prices – and be active in considering whether your business is getting the most competitive rates you can for today.

Rates and the state of energy bills

Every year, Zembl energy experts provide bill comparisons for thousands of small businesses, providing a window into both the annual expenditure of Australian business on energy bills and the rates per kilowatt hour (kWh) they’re paying. In Zembl February data just in, across a wide range of business types and sectors, the average rates and annual energy bill by state were as follows.

Figures calculated based on SME business owners who completed an energy bill comparison with Zembl in February 2024.

How does your business energy bill compare?

Of course, several factors drive what a business spends on energy – including industry, size of operation, energy consumption patterns and countless other business aspects. That’s why, when comparing your business to the pack, the kWh reading is the best reckoner as to whether you’re currently paying more for energy than the average business. You’ll find the kWh reading on your energy bill – simply look up a recent one and compare it to the averages shown above to see how your business compares.

Above average?

If you review your rates and find they’re above the average, you might have just found a goldmine for your bottom line – but only if you do something to bring them down. That something is talking to an expert who can look at your business holistically, considering its operations, energy consumption patterns, and the rates you’re paying – then use their expertise and market knowledge to see what’s on offer amongst leading retailers and where savings could be made.

Even if your rates are below average, they may not be as competitive as they could be. A Zembl expert can compare your actual bill with what’s available, so you know for sure.

How Zembl can help

For more than 14 years, Zembl has been saving businesses money on their energy bills by helping them buy better in the Australian energy market and improve their business bottom lines. Our work keeps us intimately acquainted with the NEM (National Energy Market) and the ever-evolving rates and offers from a range of leading electricity and gas retailers.

If you’re wondering if you’re paying more than average for your business energy today, there’s one way to find out – book a free energy bill comparison with a Zembl Energy Expert. They can not only compare your current pricing with what’s available, if they find you a saving they’ll do the legwork to switch you on the spot – if you approve of course!

To book a free energy comparison simply leave your details and upload a recent bill if you can. That way our experts can save time when they call you back.

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