Zembl FAQ: We answer your most frequently asked questions

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We thought we’d share some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we get from our customers and social followers.

Who is Zembl?

We’re an Australian energy broking business that’s been saving Aussie businesses and households serious bucks on their energy bills for more than 14 years. We used to be called Make it Cheaper and changed our name to Zembl in February 2023.

Is Zembl an energy retailer?

No. We partner with a panel of energy retailers to find our customers energy savings, but we’re not a retailer ourselves.

Does Zembl control the energy rates customers pay?

We don’t control energy rates themselves. What we do, is compare our customers’ rates with what’s available from our panel of retailers, to see if we can find them rates that are more competitive than what they’re paying now.

Where is Zembl based?

Zembl HQ is in Sydney Australia. We serve partners and customers around the country but our offices are in the bustling city of Sydney, on William Street, just down from the iconic Coca Cola sign.

What states in Australia does Zembl serve?

We currently serve NSW, VIC, SA and metro areas of QLD.

What sized businesses does Zembl save on energy for?

All sizes! We help two main groups of businesses, Small Businesses (SMEs) and bigger Commercial & Industrial (C&I) ones.

How does Zembl help SME businesses save on energy?

For SME businesses who spend less than $30K p.a. on energy, we do an energy bill comparison over the phone that only takes less than 3 minutes. The business provides a recent bill, Zembl Energy Experts ask a few quick questions then run the numbers with our panel’s current offers to see if we can find savings. If we do, we can switch them on the spot. If we don’t, we recommend they stay put.

How does Zembl help C&I businesses save on energy?

For larger C&I businesses who spend more than $30K p.a. on energy, we offer an obligation-free in-depth tender service. The business starts by signing a Letter of Authority (LOA) which allows our Energy Consultants to take their account to tender, then Zembl Energy Consultants present back the best offers found a few days later. The Business chooses their preferred offer and Zembl arranges the contract, liaising with their chosen supplier on the paperwork then provides account management during the contract term to validate bills, and keep the retailer accountable to the contract arranged.

Does Zembl represent every Australian energy retailer?

No, we work with a panel of chosen retailers, selected for their strong reputations and track records.

Which retailers does Zembl work with?

Our panel of energy retailer partners currently includes Energy Australia, Blue NRG, AGL, Origin Energy, Smartest Energy, Engie, Momentum Energy, Shell Energy, Tango Energy, Nectr Energy, and Next Business Energy.

What happens if Zembl can’t find me a cheaper plan or saving?

If we can’t find you a saving that’ll improve your business or household’s bottom line, we’ll recommend you stay put. Chances are though we will find you savings – in 4 out of 5 of the energy comparisons we conduct we find the customer a better deal.*

How much can I expect to save off my energy bill with Zembl?

That depends on a number of factors including how much energy you use (consumption), the size of your business and the type of site you operate from (e.g. whether solar is installed and other factors). To give you an idea, the average saving we made small to medium sized businesses who completed an energy bill comparison in 2023 was $1,873 per year.*

See for yourself with a free Zembl business energy bill comparison

Like to see how it works and potentially save a whole lot on your future energy bills? Have a Zembl energy bill comparison. As you now know, it’s obligation-free and only takes minutes over the phone.

To request a callback from a Zembl Energy Expert, leave your details below and upload a bill if you can – that way it’ll be even quicker when they call.

* Based on businesses that used Zembl’s business energy review service from 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2023 with an average lead load of 28MWh per annum.

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